•  Bandwidth: 500 MHz
     Cursor Readout: O
     Max. Working Voltage: CAT I 600V  CAT II 300V
     Division Ratio: x10
     Rise Time: 0.7 ns
     Input Resistance: 10 MΩ
     Input capacitance: 12PF
     Compensation Range: 13 ~ 23 PF
     Cable Length: 1.2 M
     Temperature Coefficient: <200 PPM / oC
     DC Accuracy: < 1%
     Safety APPL.: CE, EN61010-031 CAT II
     Operating Temperature: - 10 ~ 55 oC
     Storage Temperature: - 20 ~ 70 oC
     Weight: 93 g

    More Spec DM-1 DM-2 MAG Oscilloscope Probe Selection Guide MANUAL

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