• Feature

    • Use Toroidal Transformer. Low EMI & High EMS.
    • Triple output, 0-32V/0-6A X2 and 5V/3A .Max. 400Watts
    • Tracking operation. Max. output 64V/6A on tracking series or 32V/12A on tracking parallel.
    • 4 display, Green LED shows Voltage and Red LRD shows Current. Easy to read.
    • Compact design. G.W. 9Kgs only. Easy to handle.
    • The resolution of PW-3063R as high as 0.1v and 0.01A.
    • Very low Ripple & Noise, less than 0.4mVrms. Very suit for precise measurement.

    More Spec DM1 DM2 MAG MANUAL DC Power Supply Selection Guide

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