2013/10/12 PINTEK New Product, DP-30K

PINTEK has developed and sold isolated differential probes more than 20 years. There are many international famous brands have been working with us for ODM. Under high voltage environment, the safety issues and reliability are very important issues. They are the reasons we developed DP-30K for the markets. 

DP-30K maximum measurement voltage is 30KVp-p. This is the highest maximum measurement voltage in our isolated differential probes. The input sensitivity is 200mV. This is very good for the users in all measurements. It is not only for high voltage as well as in low voltage measurements. Pintek highly recommends this model to all users. 

In order to enhance the high voltage isolation, the input terminal is increased from 19 mm to 57mm. We also change tooling in the between of input plug to increasing the isolation wall. It is able to prevent flashover. The input resistors and input capacitors are using very good products. It is able for long time measurements for 30KVp-p (or +/- 15KV DC). It is absolutely safety.  

DP-30K bandwidth is up to 50MHz, input impedance is 40MΩ. Input capacitor is only 1.3PF. It is very low loading for tested circuit. The attenuation is x200 and x2000. At x 200 is able to get higher sensitivity. Over voltages, the LED light (RED LED) will light on. The users change attenuation to x2000 is able to solve above issue. It is very simple. No matter the attenuation is at x200 or x2000, DP-30K is able to compensate 30KVp-p (or +/- 15KV DC) voltage. 

DP-30K is using detachable design (patent # 114205). Please visit our website, www.pintek.com.tw for further details of DP-30K. We also put DP-30K quick link at new product in our website. Please visit our website for access them