• 25MHz, ALT Trigger.
    1mV sensitivity.
    10ns Resolution.
    Component test, Beam-finder
    Illuminate, Hold-off, X-Y


    Type: Rectangular with integral grateful.
    Display Area: 8 x 10 div (1 div= 1 cm)
    Accelerating Voltage: 2.1 kV.
    Phosphor: P31
    Vertical amplifiers (CH 1 and CH 2)
    Sensitivity: 5 mV/div to 5V/div (X1 mode). 
                          1 mV/div to 1V/div (X5 mode).
                          1-2-5 sequence, 10 step attenuator.
                          Vernier control provides full adjustable
                           attenuation between steps.
    Accuracy: ±3% (X1 mode). ±5% (X5 mode).
    Input Resistance: 1 M±2%
    Input Capacitance: 25 pF//10pF.
    Frequency Response: 5 mV to 5 V/div (CAL): DC 
                                             to 25 MHz (-3 dB) 1 mV/div 
                                             (CAL): DC to 10 MHz (-3 dB)
    Rise Time: Approximately 14.0ns.
    Operating Modes: CH1 : CH 1, single trace. CH2 : CH 2,
                                      single trace. ALT : dual trace, alternating.
                                      CHOP : dual trace, chopped. ADD :
                                      algebraic sum of CH 1 + CH 2
    Polarity Reversal (Invert): CH 2 only.
    Maximum Input Voltage: 400 V dv + ac peak
    Maximum Undistorted Amplitude: DC-to-25 MHz : 4 divisions. 
                                                                    DC-to-15 MHz : 8 divisions.
    HORIZONTAL AMPLIFIER (Input through channel 1 input)
    X-Y mode : switch selectable using X-Y switch. 
                          CH 1 : X axis CH 2 : Y axis
    Sensitivity: 1mv/div to 5v/div
    Accuracy: Y-Axis : ±3% ±X-Axis : ±6%
    Input Impedance: 1M//25PF
    Frequency Response: DC to 1 MHz typical (-3 dB)
    X-Y Phase Difference: Approximately 3o at 50 kHz.
    Maximum input Voltage: 400Vdc+ac peak
    Sweep Speed: 0.1 μs/div to 2 s/div in 1-2-5 sequence,
                              23 steps. Vernier control provides fully
                              adjustable sweep time between steps.
    Accuracy : ±3%
    Sweep Magnification:10X, ±6% (0.1 μs and 0.2 μs ranges
                                             uncaliubrated when X10 is engaged).
    Holdoff: Continuously adjustable from NORM to 5 times normal.
    Trigger Source:
    CH 1, CH 2, ALT, EXT, LINE.
    Maximum External Trigger Voltage: 300V dc + ac peak.
    Trigger Coupling: AC: 30 Hz to 30 MHz TV - H : Used for
                                       triggering from horizontal sync pulses.
                                       TV - V: Used for triggering from vertical sync pulses.
    Trigger Sensitivity: Internal : 0.5 division (1 division with TV
                                         Coupling) External : 500 mV
    Test Voltage:
    Max. 6 Vrms (open circuit).
    Test Current: Max. 11 mA(shorted).
    Test Frequency: Line Frequency
    Components : Capacitor, Inductor, Diode, Transistor, Zener etc.
    BEAM FINDER: Trace can be return to CRT center area when 
                                   press beam finder button.
    Calibration Voltage: 1 kHz (nominal) Positive 
                                          Square Wave, 2.0 V p-p (±3%)
    Trace Rotation: Electrical, front panel adjustable.
    Power Requirements: 115/230 VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz
    Dimensions: 324 x 132 x 398 mm (12.8 x 5.2 x 15.6").
    Weight: Approximately 7.6kg (16.75bs).


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