To celebrate Pintek 35th Anniversary, Pintek have a special promotion for partial products for our customers.

If you are interested about them, please send enquires to following e-mail for details, pintek@pintek.com.tw

  • PW-8033P :  Programmable DC Power Supply 0~30V/0~3A x 2, 4 digits, 4 LED displays
  • FG-102 :  10MHz DDS Function Generator, With USB interface
  • FG-109 :  10MHz DDS Function Generator With AM/FM function, USB interface
  • EL-820P :  Programmable Electric Load, Max Loading 200Watts 4 digits, 4 LED displays, USB interface
  • LCR-900 : Inductor, Capacitor, Resistor testing equipment (LCR Meter) 100kHz, Desktop model, Dual LCD displays, With 4 wired cable (RP-91)
  • MR-30 :  Programmable DC MilliOhm Meter Desktop model, With 4 wired cable (RP-93)

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