2013/10/02 PINTEK New Product FG-53 News

FG-53 is the first one in the world. FG-53 is a built-in voltage amplifier function generator. In the electronic lab, it is able to amplify the small signals. The application is wild in different areas. The voltage amplifier products are very expensive in the market. The cheapest model is US$ 2,000.00 up. The voltage amplifier is very useful and important in the lab. But under the budget consideration, most of people give up to buy voltage amplifier. The small signals are very hard to process in the lab. And it is very pity.

Pintek final have developed this product. FG-53 has multi-function. It is able to amplify the signals in the built-in function generator. It is buying a function generator with extra high benefits – voltage amplifier.

FG-53 spec is keeping FG-52 functions and adding a DC5MHz voltage amplifier. Max output is 20Vp-p/40mAp-p. Gain is 0-10 times adjustable. DC offset +/- 10V adjustable. Rise/Fall time is ≦90nS. Output impedance is 50Ω.

FG-53 is a multi-function product. In order to giving most people’s using in the lab, the price is US$ 400.00 per unit. This is a very good product for the lab.

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