2013/08/30 PINTEK has a new product, Function Generator FG-109 to the market.

PINTEK Function Generator has more than 20 years. In the beginning, it is 3MHz for FG-30 and FG-32. After we are having 5MHz FG-52, the total quantities we sold in the markets is more than 50,000.00 units. We also have developed digital function generators FG-72 (7MHz) and FG-102 (10MHz) to extend our models in these few years. The designs of these models are digitalized and can be operated by digit press button to set up frequency. The operation is very easy for users. They also have USB to connect computer for remote desktop connection.

Pintek now has launched a flagship model, FG-109. It is FG-102 (10MHz) upgraded model. FG-109 has most of FG-102 original function and also adds AM/FM/EXT. COUNTER (external input counter) Functions

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