2013/01/12 PINTEK CP-260 / CP-360 are going to use new mould and release to the market.

PINTEK Oscilloscope probes have very good reputation for a long time in the market. Especially model no. CP-260 is already sold over 200,000 units in the market. This model has been tested and using by many engineers. Its reputation is high and very valuable. CP-260 tooling has been using more than 20 years and need to be replaced. From year 2013, we are using new tooling for this model. In order to prevent any confusion of these two models. The new mould product is changed to CP-260N (Economy Model). CP-360N is added BNC insulation. 

The spec of CP-260N and CP-360N are remaining the same without any changes. We add extra accessories on these two models and the prices are the same. The old model of CP-260 and CP-360 will be faced out in the market. After these two models are finished, and will be not shown in our website without any further notification.

Please visit our website, www.pintek.com.tw for further details. These two models can be found in the front page of PINTEK website, “Hot and New Products”.


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