2012/10/03 PINTEK 2012 Condensed Catalog has completed and will be published. Welcome to collect from us.

PINTEK has completed 2013 new Condensed catalog. Please visit our website and send us enquiry. Please can send it by post in one week. Or you can download from our website. The pdf catalog will be published on our website by Oct-03, 2012.

Our new catalog has listed our full ranges of new product. This year, the new products have,
1. Current probe (for all ranges of oscilloscope and DMM),
PA-677 (1MHz / 2mA)
PA-699 (1.5MHz / 1mA)

2. New differential probe (for 10 multiples calculation), it can read the last digit of digital oscilloscopes without any mistakes.

The most practical model is DP-35, which is an upgraded model of DP-25. The sensitivity is 2 times of DP-25 to 10mV. The max measuring voltage is also upgraded to 1600Vp-p (DP-25 max measuring voltage is 1300Vp-p). The dynamic range is 2 times.

Another model is DP-15K, which is an upgraded model of DP-14K. DP-15K is also a 10 multiples calculation. Sensitivity is upgraded to 2 times and reaching to 100mV. The max measuring voltage is also upgraded to 15Kp-p (DP-14K max measuring voltage is 14KVp-p). The dynamic range is increased 2 times.

3. Lastly, our new product is ATX linear DC Power Supply, CW-401 and CW-402. They are changed from currently switching power supply to torodial transformer as based all analog linear DC power supply. These products will be published in October and shipping in November 2012. They are very good products for the groups of computer fans.

Apart from CW-401 and CW-402, the full details of spec and photos of above new products have been published on Pintek website. For further details, please visit Pintek website. The details are:

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