2012/09/25 PINTEK New Product – Differential Probe, DP-15K

Most of differential probe users are using 10 multiple calculation which is giving the users correct information without any mistake on calculation. It is able to reset the attenuation at oscilloscope readout menu. It is very convenient.

DP-15K sensitivity is 100mV and maximum measuring value is 15KVp-p. The old model is only 200mV, sensitivity is only half, and it is not a 10 multiple calculation. Engineers will get mistake easier. Not only this, the maximum voltage is only 14KVp-p which is only less 1KV measuring range.

DP-15K is using new tooling, new design and able to reach UL standard. It is AC 5.5KVrms (effective value), high measuring voltage value, which is very suitable for 3 phase electronics equipment using. 
DP-15K also improves the attenuation (x 1000) frequency response at square wave. It is very suitable for switching power application. For further information please visit PINTEK website, www.pintek.com.tw.

For price information, please enquire our sale representatives who are very happy to provide sufficient to you.


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