2012/05/06 PINTEK has launched a new Current Probe PA-677

Pintek has completed the development of a new model of current probe, PA-677. Currently, the IC designers have upgraded the working frequency of the switchable power management. The old current probe with only 100KHz bandwidth is already a thing of the past. The traditional switchable power has only about 30KHz working frequency, achieving only about 75% efficiency. In other words, about one quarter of the energy performance is lost and wasted.

Now, with the increase in importance of environmental considerations, the new switchable power IC management needs to reach a 90% performance, even up to 95% of efficiency. That means, the invisible loss needs to be controlled between 5~10%. The main factor is by increasing the working frequency to 300KHz.

In recent years, the working frequency of the IC of the new switchable power management has upgraded to 1MHz. The cost of inductors and capacitors has thus decreased and the manufactures’ profits will also increase significantly. This increase in efficiency performance will also contribute to the Earth's environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction.

The following are the features of PA-677
1. Bandwidth: DC – 1MHz
2. Rising Time: only 0.35μS or even lower
3. Sensitivity can reach to 2mA, Maximum Measurement +/- 70ADC or 140Ap-p
4. The included AC Adaptor is better for the environment. Retained the battery space to be used when outdoors.
5. Overload indicator display is convenient for distinguishing whether to change to a low- sensitivity profile measurement.
6. Storage box for convenient packaging.

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