2012/03/09 Pintek have developed a new HIGH IMPEDANCE bench type Volt Meter HVC-804
HVC-804 was combined the function of two old HVC-802 and HVC-803 in one to give you more convenience measurement. The input impedance are 10GΩ and the resolution are 0.0001KV. HVC-804 also provide the HVP-40 input end for the user measuring by HVP-40.

Because of the 10GΩ high input impedance provided on the HVC-804, the loading effect is minimized. This way, the actual voltage value of the to-be tested circuit can be more accurately presented. Meanwhile, it also minimizes the errors applied to the test circuit. For instance when measuring the high voltage of CRT, cases like deviation of focus, unexpected image enlargement, or changes in the brightness, such similar abnormality can all be improved immediately. In addition, the high input impedance of 10GΩ will become the best partner for high voltage low current output devices or for measurement of static equipment.

HVC-804 has a 3- range voltage selection switch. The users can select either 2KV, 20KV and 40KV for different application and resolution. When switching to a different voltage, all the ranges have the insulation protection circuit of a 40KV.

The built-in HVP-40 designated input end of this high voltage attenuation probe can replace the DC only digital electricity meter of a fixed 10MΩ input impedance. Its LED display reading has correctly been converted, and can directly be loaded.

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