2011/10/03 PINTEK 2012 Condensed Catalog has completed and will be published by the end of September 2011.

In our PINTEK 2012 Condensed Catalog, it is not only have comprehensive product introductions as well as adding our latest new product models in it.
This year, we have a lot of new models in it,

  1. Multi Function Current Probe. They are for all models of oscilloscopes and DMM. PA-622 is 100KHz/10mA. PA-655 is 500KHz/5mA.
  2. Also, new development of High Voltage Amplifier, HA-205 is a high efficiency, high speed and high bandwidth to 3MHz high voltage amplifier.
  3. New join member, Programmable Electronic Load, EL-820P. It is 4 digits, 4 LED displays. It is able to display different parameters.
  4. Addition to this, we also have Programmable DC Power Supply, PW-8033P. It is using all touch panel input and built in USB interface.
  5. Lastly, it is high precision LCR Meter, LCR-900. It is dual LCD display to display tested parameters.

These products DM and specification are already showing PINTEK website. Please kindly visit our website and download the info you need. 

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