2011/07/11 Pintek has completed new product development for PA-622,PA-655 series. PA-6XX is a multi-functions current probe for oscilloscopes.

Pintek has completed new product development for PA-6XX series. PA-6XX is a multi-functions current probe for oscilloscopes.

In the middle of July, the first launched product is PA-622, which is innovated from the most popular model A622.

PA-622 has 3 major innovations

  1. The most important innovation is to improve its noise. It is at least 3 times lower from original product’s noise. This gives electronic and electric engineers a lot of benefits on their works.
  2. We also add an AC adaptor from the original batteries for its input. Concerning to environmental issue, we also keep the original design as urgent or outdoor using. We suggest to use an AC adaptor in laboratories or factory.
    We know disposal battery is one of creating pollution in the world. By using AC adaptor is able to improve environment situation. 
  3. We also improve the fix output wire to a detachable wire. This is very convenient for packing and storing. If any damages on wires which is convenient for self examination. This is able to extend its life of usage.

Apart from the above, our company is also offering low price to our customers. Its quality is good and the price is economy.

We will also launch new product, PA-655 in August. It is upgraded from PA-622 and improved another 2 features. PA-655 is more suitable for small power situation.

  1. The current sensitivity is increased from 10mA to 5mA.
  2. AC bandwidth is upgraded from 100KHz (rising time 3.5μS) to 500KHz (rising time is also increased to 0.7μS)

Please also refer to product DM as well as product selection guide for better selection.



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