2011/05/03 PINTEK’s new product, CP-3601R will be launched in the market very soon on May 3rd, 2011.

With the progress of science and technology, the paces of digital oscilloscopes development have been growing up rapidly. The traditional test probes are hardly catching up the progressive step of digital oscilloscopes. PINTEK breaks through extremely difficultly, and release large bandwidth 600MHz test probe, CP-3601R for all oscilloscopes using.

Except it has large bandwidth, in order to reach the most reliable and steady quality. We have put a lot of effort on the products. All the metal parts are using 24K gold plating to guarantee the high quality of standard.

CP-3601R is using fixed 10MΩ high impedance input. When it is using at the circuit tests, it guarantees to protect lower load effect and maintain the normal work of the original circuit.

CP-3601R has the read out function. When it is using at oscilloscopes with auto read out functions. It adopts fixed 10 times attenuation at test results. The oscilloscopes will restore the original test value automatically. It is very convenient. 
From now, CP-3601R accepts orders from May 3rd, 2011, and delivery without any delay. PINTEK expects all customers support. We will continually introduce more new products in the market to repay all the customers who like using. More information please consult PINTEK websites. Or click and select the following link. 

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