Pintek will publish a new differential probe, DP-22Kpro on the mid of July, 2010. Concerning to the high voltage differential probe on the marketing can not working on the low voltage measurement. Because on the conventional design the amplitude are 10 times only. The sensitivity on the low voltage will not be suit for low voltage measurement.
DP-22Kpro have a completely new design. The Max. measuring voltage are 22KVp-p and the amplitude are 100times. Therefore DP-22Kpro besides have X3000 attenuate for high voltage , it also have a X30 attenuate for low voltage measurement. Moreover DP-22Kpro provide 5 ranges , not as the other brand have 2 ranges only. The user can choice the ranges according to the voltage of the signal. Also the bandwidth of DP-22Kpro are as high as to 120MHz. It very convenience for all ranges measurement.

DP-22Kpro will be available on the begin of Aug. 2010. Welcome to reserve.

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