2010/06/20 HA-205 – a super high speed High Voltage Amplifier
Pintek will publish a new High Voltage Amplifier on June 21 2010, HA-205. Pintek already have published 5 models High Voltage Amplifier. Difference as these 5 models. HA-205 was a high slew rate model.
 The Slew Rate 2500V / US, output current 450mA / DC or 900mA / ACp-p, many times as the other 5 models. HA-205 also provide the microprocessor protection. It protect the amplifier from the short circuit. To provide the user free from anxiety on the experimentation.
 HA-205 very suit for High Speed Line driver, Piezo Driver, ATE Applications and CRT Beam Intensity Control etc. HA-205 will be available on July , 2010. Welcome to reserve.
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