2009/07/02 Pintek Electronics Co., Ltd. Have provided the new small size HIGH VOLTAGE PROBE, HVP-08. It’ll available on the begin of Aug. 2009. Welcome to order in advance.

The company, PINTEK have the most complete High Voltage Probe Series. According to the reply from the user. Almost all the H.V. Probe are too big size. It was not convenience to operate. In considering to the measuring voltage and the surface length of the probe. We develop a new probe, HVP-08, 8KV / 40MHz. Very suit for the small size equipment measurement.

HVP-08 was designed for the Oscilloscope probe. When connected with our PL-10, it can be used as the DMM probe too. The accuracy of oscilloscope are 3%, but the accuracy of DMM are 10 times high.

HVP-08 spec.
HVP-08 front DM
HVP-08 back DM
HVP-08 operation manual
HVP-08 picture

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July 01, 2009


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