2009/06/08 Pintek Electronics Co., Ltd. Have provided the comparison chart of our DIFFERENTIAL PROBES for our customers reference. Welcome to down load.

The company, PINTEK have the most complete Differential Probe Series and enjoying a high reputation on the market. In order to give our customer more convenience to choice the most suitable probe for their measurement. We provide the comparison chart of each model of the company. The abstract specification are as the following.


1.     DP-25      25MHz   20mV – 1.3KV,     3 Ranges

2.     DP-30HS   30MHz   1mV – 65Vp-p,     3 Ranges

3.     DP-40LV   40MHz   10mV – 650Vp-p    3 Ranges

4.     DP-50      50MHz   100mV – 6.5KVp-p  4 Ranges

5.     DP-65      65MHz   20mV – 1.3KVp-p   3 Ranges

6.     DP-100    100MHz   100mV – 6.5KVp-p  4 Ranges

7.     DP150     150MHz   10mV – 10KVp-p   5 Ranges

8.     DP200     200MHz   20mV – 1KVp-p    4 Ranges

9.     DP-14K    75MHz   200mV – 14KVp-p   4 Ranges

10.    DP-20K    20MHz   300mV – 20KVp-p   4 Ranges




 If you need more detail specifications. Please click the "Comparison Chart"


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June 08, 2009


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