2009/06/01 Pintek Electronics Co., Ltd. will provide the new Flagship degree Professional Differential Probe, DP-150 & DP-200. The abstracts features of these 2 models are as the following.

DP-150 is a professional super high measuring range probe. The measuring range are from 10mV to 10KVp-p. The probe have 5 ranges switch, X10, X30, X100, X300, X1000. The conventional Differential Probe only have 10 times amplitude. But DP-150 will have as high as 100 times amplitude. Therefore the measuring range are also 10 times as the conventional differential probe. Besides, DP-150 will provide the “OVER RANGE” indicate LED. If the measuring been over range on any range. The LED will light , the user will know the display are not correct. The user must change to the higher range.

The bandwidth of DP-150 are 150MHz. Even provide the wide measuring voltage ranges from 10mV to 10KVp-p. It still have 150MHz high bandwidth. Very suit for the multi-domain engineer use.

DP-200 is a 200MHz Differential Probe. It was highest bandwidth differential probe of PINTEK at moment. Besides its high bandwidth. DP-200 also provide the “OVER RANGE” LED. The attenuate switch are 4 ranges, X20, X50,x100, X200. The measuring voltage ranges are from 20mV to 1KVp-p.

DP-150 will be available on mid of July 2009 and DP-200 will be on mid of Aug. 2009. The newest information also been put on our internet. Welcome to down load and we accept to reserve now.


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