2009/4/24 Pintek Electronics Co., Ltd. have developed New 10MHz DDS Function Generator, FG-102 and 7MHz model,FG-72. Both will be available on May 2009. The detail specifications please ref. to the attachment.


  1. 0.3Hz – 10MHz (FG-72 to 7MHz) DDS Function Generator
  2. 6digits display use 0.56” high bright green LED.
  3. The frequency is selectable by 6 push button. Easy to operate.
  4. All 3 waveforms are with Max. 10MHz (FG-72, 7MHz) output.
  5. All 3 output wave forms has the provision of SYNC output signal (TTL level) when selected. Convenience to operate.
  6. 2 Attenuate systems. The output signal Attenuate can be -20db or -40db.
  7. All the push button are spring button not rubber button.
  8. An independent DC OFFSET switch variable control from +10V to -10V (no load) or +5V to -5V(50 ohm load).
  9. RS-232 input terminal for the computer operation.
  10. Frequency accuracy _+- 10ppm, Aging accuracy +-1ppm/year.
  11. Pintek Electronics Co., Ltd. was the most famous Differential Probe Maker in the world. The company had more than 15 years experience on designing Differential Probe. Till Aug. 2009, we have more than 10 models.
  12. Differential Probe was a very high professional equipment. How to purchase a suitable probe for the measurement usually make the user confuse. Even the sales agent can not make sure.
  13. In order to make the user more convenience to purchase the Differential Probe. We have collected all the detail specification of our models and make a comparison chart. Welcome to down load.
  14. DP-150 and DP-200 will available on July, 2009. It was the complete new design.

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