2008/09/02 PINTEK will provide a new HIGH VOLTAGE / HIGH FREQUENCY probe series on Sept. 2008. HVP-10R, HVP-18HF, HVP-28HF and HVP-39pro 4 models.

The features are as :
HVP-10R : It was a 100Mohm, 100:1 probe. The max. measured voltage 10KV, 120MHz. It was the highest voltage and highest impedance for 100:1 probe now available on the market. The sensitivity are 10 times as the conventional 1000 : 1 high voltage probe.

HVP-18HF : It was designed to improve our HVP-15HF. The impedance increase to 200M ohm and the bandwidth raised up to 150MHz. Max. measured voltage also raised up to 18KV.
HVP-28HF : a 500M ohm impedance, 200MHz bandwidth, Max. measured voltage 28KV, raise time 1.8nS Probe. All these means HVP-28HF was the best 500M ohm High Voltage probe available on the market now.
HVP-39pro : It was the smashing High Voltage Probe. HVP-30pro break through all the record of High Voltage Probe. 
A : Impedance : 900M ohm. It was the highest impedance of the High Voltage Probe available now.
B : Bandwidth : 220MHz. The highest bandwidth of all High Voltage Probe available now.
C : Frequency / Voltage :
    DC – 5MHz, 40KV DC+ACp-p
    250MHz   300V
    1GHz     100V
D : Load Current: 45uA at 40KV input.
E : Raise Time : 1.6nS
It was best probe for AC/DC measurement. Especially for the LCD back Light Module, switchable power supply etc.


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