2007/08/21 After HA-400 and HA-800, our R.D group make a determined effort to develop an other 2 High Power model High voltage Amplifier HA-405 and HA-805 on Aug. 2007.
HA-405 was a 400Vp-p output High Voltage Amplifier. provide a high current and high bandwidth output. The Max. current are 200mA and the bandwidth are DC-500KHz. HA-405 most suit to be used as the final amplifier of your Function Generator to extend the output up to 400Vp-p. Besides, HA-405 use a 2KΩ/80W protect resistor. It will provide you a Max. 100mA current output even under protect condition.
HA-805 was a 800Vp-p output High Voltage Amplifier with Max. output current 100mAand 50KHz bandwidth. It most suit for the physical electronic laboratory who need the high amplitude high voltage signal. The protect resistor is 7.5KΩ/80W resistor. The max. output current under protect condition are 53mA.

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