2007/7/1 Pintek Electronics have developed an other 2 new models of DIFFERENTIAL PROBE, DP-14K and DP-20K. The details are as the following :
DP-14K It was a high bandwidth, high voltage Differential Probe. The max. measuring voltage are 14KVp-p and the max. bandwidth are 75MHz. DP-14K have 4 Amplitude Ranges, X200, X400, X1000 and X2000. DP-14K most suit for the high voltage and high frequency measurement.

DP-20K was a highest measuring voltage Differential Probe in our production line at the moment. The max. measuring voltage are 20KVp-p. It also was a highest Differential Probe available on the market. The max. bandwidth are 20MHz, input impedance are 50MΩ/1.3pf. If there are any high voltage measurement with the voltage higher than 10KV. DP-20K will be your best choice.

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