2006/03/15 Pintek’s new DC Power supply with precisontype, PW-5033 is released in March 2006.

PW-5033 is a precision type, 200 Watt, DC Current Power Supply. It has 4 digits and 4 sets display to display Voltage Value (Green LED), and Current Value (Red LED)
PW-5033 with extreme high resolution, Voltage is 10mV and current is 1mA. It has 4 set output switches. Master output’s Voltage is 0~30V, and serial adjustable. Current value is 0~3A is also serial adjustable. Sub-output is a fix Voltage, 5V. The maximum Current Value is 3A.
PW-5033 Both Voltage and Current switches are using "BOURNS" 10 turns VR, and they have short protection mode. The major benefits are durability and more safety.
PW-5033 has extra 4 built-in output switches. 2 switches are able to set up Current, and another 2 are for output switches. These features are able to set up the maximum output, and increase high convenience operation and more applications for users on this instrument.
PW-5033 is an advance model than PW-4033. It has parallel and serial protection modes, as well as 4 additional simple switches for operation. This provides the convenience for users. PINTEK’s users will be love this new product and please give more choices on the application

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