Q: How to distinguish the application between the AC High Voltage Probe and The Differential Probe.

To decide if you’ll use AC H.V. Probe or Differential Probe on your measurement. The main was depend on the condition of the power source and the voltage to be measured.

  1. The AC H.V. Probe are for the voltage between the check point and the ground. AC H.V. Probe with the ground clip. It must be connect to the good ground before you start to measure. So that to prevent electric shock. In usually, H.V. Probe are for the rather high voltage measurement. For example, Pintek HVP-39pro can be used to 40KV DC or 28KVrms measurement.
  2. Differential probe are for the voltage between 2 check points. Especially there is no ground. Differential Probe can be used whether there is ground or not. It was very convenience to use. But the Max. measurement voltage are not high. At the moment, the max. measuring voltage was Pintek DP-20K. The max. voltage are 20KVp-p or 7KVrms only.

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