Q: Why High Voltage Probe must be separated as AC and DC use.
  1. DC High Voltage Probe did not contained compensation capacitor. It only use a high power, high resistance resistor as the attenuator. Therefore it can be used for very low frequency power measurement only. (DC to 40Hz). For example, when the measuring frequency are 60Hz. The error will be about 10% and if the frequency are 1KHz, the error will be 90%. It did not have any measuring effect.
  2. AC High Voltage Probe with the compensation capacitor in it. The structure are more complex and the cost are high too. In usually, the AC high Voltage Probe was designed with the band width 10MHz up. But the frequency response of DMM are 1MHz only. That why all the AC probes are for oscilloscope use, with BNC connector.
    Pintek have developed PL-10 for any brand AC probe connect to any brand 10M ohm DMM use.

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